Steven Paul McCollum
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Seeking God's will above all
​Steven Paul McCollum has been called to an incredible mandate by God, but this mandate is not for him alone. Every single born again Christian needs to partake. As ambassadors for Christ we must do our part to restore our nation to God and restore us to one another so we walk in the perfect bond of unity Christ prayed about in John 17. Let's break down the walls that divide us and restore our relationships to one another by walking in Christ's mercy and forgiveness. Join with Steven and come out of your comfort zone and sacrifice your time by being a part of as many "One Nation Under God Restoration Rallies" as you can across America.  

It took years and revelation for Steven Paul to gain an understanding of what a true Christian is according to the Bible.  His life is no longer about his own agenda but is centered entirely around God's will for His life.  He believes that if He isn't Lord of all, He isn't Lord at all.  It's only through God's grace that he has accomplished what you will read on this website.  God gets all the Glory because only He deserves it.  After all He's given us the very life we live, the breath we breathe, and He's the one who keeps our hearts beating day after day.
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